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Splash Orthodontics is the leading orthodontics practice based in Brighton and Hove and we encourage from Worthing to make the short journey to visit our practice. We are orthodontists specialising in both adult and child braces, offering free, no-obligation consultations. Our team are dedicated to providing expert advice and treatment to every patient who walks through our doors. We aim to deliver a healthy, straight smile that both adults and children can be proud of.

We have a range of treatments suited to each patient’s specific needs. From ‘invisible’ braces such as Lingual braces and Invisalign to traditional fixed braces, we’re here to guide you to the smile you deserve.

Orthodontist Treatment in Worthing

At Splash Orthodontics, our aim is to ensure all our patients feel safe, secure and know that they’re receiving the best possible treatment. We want every patient to leave our practice with a smile they’re proud of.

Our Braces Treatments in Worthing

Splash Orthodontics offer a number of bespoke treatments to ensure your expectations are met. We appreciate that every patient requires personalised treatment and an important part of our process involves discussing the type of treatment the patient desires and the results they’d like to achieve. After this, our resident orthodontist Iain Hoeltschi will decide on the appropriate treatment. Below are the orthodontic treatments we offer:


Invisalign braces are an increasingly popular choice for patients who are looking for a slightly less invasive and discrete option to traditional braces. Invisalign braces are removable and essentially ‘invisible’, in the sense that the treatment uses a series of removable, clear aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. This treatment is exceptionally popular for those who are anxious about opting for fixed braces, due to their low invasiveness and discrete design.

Fixed Braces

Arguably the most traditional treatment, fixed braces offer a higher degree of control regarding the position of the patient’s teeth. While they may not be as discrete as Invisalign, they are known to produce exceptional results, making them a mainstay in dental and orthodontic practices.

Lingual Braces

Commonly known as ‘invisible braces’, they are positioned behind your teeth. They operate in a similar fashion to fixed braces, with the only major difference being their visibility. Similar to Invisalign, they are commonly chosen because of their discreteness.

Early Treatment

We strongly recommend that every child visits an orthodontist between the ages of 6-10. While there may be no immediate issues or concerns, it’s safe practise to visit an orthodontist to ensure their oral health and hygiene is up to standard.

Visiting an orthodontist early also helps identify any underlying issues that may not be immediately apparent to the parent or the child. An orthodontist will be able to identify any issues and offer appropriate treatment going forward. This ensures that your child will not encounter any discomfort or oral issues as their mouth continues to develop.

Teen Treatment

Teenage treatments can be daunting for some, and this is completely normal! The thought of braces during your teenage years can seem both appealing and slightly scary. Again, this is very common. Many teenagers understand that having braces will ultimately help them achieve the smile and comfort they deserve, whereas others may be slightly more apprehensive. Our job is to educate teens on why they may want to consider braces to help their mouth develop healthily and achieve a smile they can be proud of.

Adult Treatment

There is no age limit for braces, so if you think you’re too late to opt for treatment, think again! Adult braces are becoming increasingly popular thanks to advancements in technology and patients wanting to live a healthier life with a healthier smile. Our patients range from as young as 10 all the way to their 70s! Whatever your age, we are sure to find the treatment that’s right for you.

Visit Our Clinic for a Free Consultation

So, if you’re looking for specialist orthodontist, why not make the short trip down to Hove to visit Splash Orthodontics? A short 20-minute train or drive could lead to a healthier, happier smile. Get in touch today for your free consultation!

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