Fixed braces in Brighton & Hove

Fixed braces are suitable for almost every patient, and they’re one of our most popular (and affordable) treatment options.

How do fixed braces work?

Your fixed braces will be attached to your teeth throughout your treatment. They consist of small brackets that we control using a thin metal archwire.

Fixed braces allow us to make very precise movements. Sometimes tiny changes make a remarkable difference.

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Clear, ceramic braces

Clear aligners like Invisalign are fantastic, but they’re not everyone’s first choice. Some patients prefer the security of fixed braces. Clear fixed braces offer the best of both worlds. They work just like metal braces, using brackets and wires, but they’re much more discreet. Their transparent ceramic brackets will blend in with your teeth, whatever their shade.

How braces work

I cannot recommend Iain enough, he is fantastic at making patients feel at ease, always extremely pleasant and I am over the moon with the end results.


Rainbow braces

Traditional train tracks use elastic ligatures (also known as o-rings) to connect your archwire to your brackets. We stock an ever-changing selection of elastic ligatures, from bright blues and pinks to more subtle whites and greys. You can change your colours each time we adjust your braces.

Brace colours
Self-ligating braces

You can also opt for self-ligating braces, which feature a sliding mechanism that holds the archwire in position. This can reduce the time it takes to adjust your braces and speed up your appointments.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces can also be easier to clean and more resistant to staining than light-coloured elastic ligatures.

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