Using the DentalMonitoring app, you can send us photos of your teeth and receive personalised advice from your orthodontist.

It’s a convenient way for us to check your progress and keep your transformation on track.

Send us your smile

Once a week, we’ll ask you to send us pictures of your teeth using your ScanBox and smartphone. Your orthodontist will review your photos to make sure everything is progressing as planned and your teeth are clean and healthy.

We’ll send you feedback using the app, and if we have any concerns, we can arrange a virtual chat or bring forward your next appointment.

Stay connected to your specialist orthodontist

Upload your photos securely in minutes

Enjoy a timelapse of your transformation

Spot potential problems and act quickly

Receive personalised advice from our team

Avoid unnecessary visits to the practice

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DentalMonitoring boosts communication between appointments and provides our patients with extra peace of mind. We can keep a close eye on your progress and act quickly if we have any concerns.

We include DentalMonitoring for all our private patients at no extra cost. It works with all our treatment options, including Invisalign and fixed braces.

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I cannot recommend Splash Orthodontics highly enough! I received Invisalign treatment from Dr Iain Hoeltschi and his team. I am absolutely over the moon with my new smile, it's better than I could have ever imagined!


Scan, send and relax

We’ll show you how to take your photos and send them to us securely using the app. Your ScanBox will include cheek retractors to give us a clear view of all your teeth.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it should only take you a couple of minutes to upload your photos. You’ll receive a notification when it’s time to send us a scan and whenever you receive feedback via the app.

We use DentalMonitoring to enhance our patients’ treatment, and it’s never a substitute for essential appointments.

If you go away for extended periods during your treatment, you can take your ScanBox with you and stay connected to your specialist from anywhere in the world.

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