Is there an age limit for braces?

Braces are often associated with children and teenagers. However, they’re not the only ones who can benefit from a straighter smile.

We’re helping more adults to straighten their smiles than ever before thanks to the latest invisible braces.

There’s no age limit for orthodontic treatment, and you’re never too old to find a smile you love. Adults can achieve exceptional results, and with the right aftercare, your new smile should last a lifetime.

Invisible braces for all ages

Clear aligners have been welcomed by patients of all ages, especially adults. Unlike traditional metal braces, they’re incredibly discreet. Invisalign aligners are crystal-clear, so they’re almost undetectable.

Invisalign aligner

Invisalign aligners are also removable, and you can take them out for up to four hours a day. This means you can take your aligners out to enjoy food with friends, and to give your teeth a thorough brush afterwards.

Invisalign is deservedly our most popular invisible brace. Our specialist orthodontist Dr Iain Hoeltschi is a Diamond Provider with years of experience. Removable aligners aren’t right for everyone, though, so luckily we have some other options for you to choose from.

Metal fixed braces are available with clear, ceramic brackets, or we can cleverly hide your braces behind your teeth (see below). Of course, you can still opt for traditional train tracks. They’re cost-effective and excellent at aligning teeth.

Hidden lingual braces

Do adult teeth move differently?

Adult teeth can move slightly slower, but the difference is marginal. Overall treatment times are often shorter because adult cases tend to be straightforward.

Lots of patients are looking to simply align their front teeth quickly and conveniently, which can take as little as a few months.

Working around crowns and implants

It’s more common for adult patients to have restorations such as veneers, crowns, bridges and implants. Usually, these don’t present any problems, and we can comfortably plan your treatment around them.

If we do need to replace any restorations during or after your treatment, we’ll liaise closely with your dentist to provide you with a seamless experience.

NHS braces for adults

Our NHS contract covers braces for under 18s who need treatment to improve their dental health.

Unfortunately, NHS braces aren’t usually available to adults. In rare circumstances, it can be provided if you need treatment for health reasons. In the first instance, contact your general dentist for advice.

To help make private treatment more affordable, we offer a range of payment plans to spread the cost of your braces. Our all-inclusive fees cover every step of your transformation, from your scans to your retainers.

To learn more, contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation with a specialist orthodontist.

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