Braces in your 50s and 60s

We’ve helped patients aged 8 to 80 to transform their teeth with braces. Whatever your age, our specialist orthodontists in Hove are here to help.

Some people still associate braces with children and teenagers, but most of our private patients are adults. Braces are more convenient, comfortable and discreet than ever before, and they can achieve incredible results for all ages.

It’s not too late to love your smile

We’ve seen a growing number of adults in their 50s and 60s start orthodontic treatment with us.

Some of them had wanted braces for a long time, while others didn’t realise that braces were even an option until they visited us for a free consultation.

People seek out orthodontic treatment for all different reasons:

  • Most patients are unhappy about the appearance of their teeth when they smile and talk
  • While some want braces to improve the function of their teeth, for example, how they bite together

Sometimes it’s a special event that prompts adults to book a consultation – or seeing the amazing results of a friend or relative. The one thing our patients all have in common is wishing they did it sooner.

If you’re considering braces or wondering if they’re right for you, we’d love to see you for a no-pressure free consultation. We’ll go through all your treatment options and answer any questions.

Is orthodontic treatment different for adults?

In many ways, orthodontic treatment is the same whatever your age. You’ll have the same choice of fixed braces and Invisalign aligners, treatment times are similar, and you’ll need the same dedication to your aftercare.

So, what are the differences between adult and children’s braces?

One key difference is the opportunity for us to use functional appliances. These removable braces help to improve the position of your jaws and how your teeth bite together.

Functional appliances only work if you’re still growing, so, unfortunately, they’re not an option for older teens and adults. Aligning your teeth can improve your bite, but if you have a significant overjet or underbite, you may need jaw surgery to achieve the optimal outcome.

Often, the scope of treatment is different for adults versus children. Our younger NHS patients are in treatment because they require braces for dental health reasons. While adults typically want to improve the appearance of their front teeth, which can take as little as six months.

Before braces

Before Invisalign

After braces

After Invisalign


Can you wear braces if you’ve had dental work?

If you are in your 50s or 60s you may already have fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges or implants. Fortunately, these can all be accommodated during orthodontic treatment.

During your free consultation, we’ll carry out a gentle examination to make sure you’re suitable for braces. If you have any restorations such as crowns or bridges that are loose, you’ll need to get them repaired before we start your treatment.

If you have a dental implant it won’t move, so we’ll need to plan your treatment around its position or consider relocating it. We’ll show you a 3D preview of your new smile so you can visualise your projected outcome.

If you are planning to have dental work done to complement your straight smile, we’ll liaise closely with your dentist. We can move your teeth into the best possible position to enhance your outcome and minimise the removal of enamel.

Incognito adult braces

Many of our patients opt for visible fixed braces – they’re affordable, efficient and a unique talking point. But if you’d prefer to keep your orthodontic treatment discreet, we have some excellent alternatives.

Invisalign straightens teeth with clear, removable aligners. It’s incredibly convenient – you can take your aligners out to eat, drink and clean your teeth. Our specialist orthodontist Dr Iain Hoeltschi is an Invisalign Diamond Provider with the experience and expertise to take on more challenging cases using clear aligners.

invisalign for adults

We also offer fixed braces with clear, ceramic brackets. They’re more subtle than metal braces but just as good at straightening teeth. If you don’t want your braces to show at all, we can even attach fixed braces behind your teeth.

To find out more about adult braces, contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation with our specialist orthodontist in Hove. 

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