Do you have to pay for NHS braces?

If you are eligible for NHS braces, your treatment will be fully funded by the NHS from start to finish. Everything from your initial assessment to your aftercare is included.

Who can benefit from NHS braces?

If you are under 18, you can ask your dentist to refer you to a specialist orthodontist in Brighton & Hove for a free NHS assessment. Our orthodontists will examine your teeth and score them using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need.

If you need orthodontic treatment to improve your dental health, you’ll qualify for NHS-funded treatment. If your case is cosmetic, you won’t be eligible for NHS care, but we can discuss private alternatives and finance options with you.

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Does NHS care include everything?

Your NHS treatment will include fixed braces, all your appointments, removable retainers and 12 months of aftercare.

There are a few optional extras that aren’t covered by NHS funding, for example, gumshields for contact sports, your oral hygiene pack and fixed retainers.

Are invisible braces available through the NHS?

Unfortunately, NHS funding doesn’t cover invisible options like Invisalign or clear braces. NHS treatment is designed to be cost-effective, so it includes fixed metal braces and functional appliances.

Fixed braces are an excellent way to straighten teeth. They consist of small metal brackets that are connected by a thin metal archwire. The archwire is secured to each bracket by an elastic ligature. These are available in a wide choice of colours, so you can customise your brace colours every time we change your archwire.

If you’d prefer your treatment to be more discreet, invisible braces are available on a private basis with prices starting from £2,200. You can learn more about how much braces cost and the different ways you can pay over on our prices page.

The other benefits of private care include no waiting lists, longer appointments and fixed retainers. You don’t need a referral from your dentist, so you can contact us directly to arrange your no-obligation consultation.

Why is there a waiting list for NHS braces?

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Who’s eligible for NHS braces?

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