How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces

How to Brush Your Teeth with Braces: 8 Tips From the Experts

If you have braces, it’s important you brush your teeth properly. Otherwise, when your braces are removed, you could have unsightly stained or significant plaque build-up. If you want beautifully white teeth and impressive results to show off to your friends, you have to take care of your teeth properly. This means brushing your teeth thoroughly, especially when you wear braces, so that you can achieve a healthy mouth.

At Splash Orthodontics, we know that brushing your teeth is made more difficult when you have braces. But if you stick at it, you will see the results of your hard work when your braces are removed, and it will all have been worth it. To help you on the right road, we’ve put together 8 expert tips below for brushing your teeth with braces.

1. Brush Your Teeth and Braces Every Single Day

Toothpaste on a toothbrush

Without exception, you must brush your teeth and braces every single day for a healthy mouth. Throughout the day, food particles and plaque can stick to your braces and teeth and if you don’t clean this off by effective brushing, you could significantly affect your oral health.

At Splash Orthodontics, we suggest you brush your teeth every morning and evening to maintain good dental health. Brush your teeth every day following the proper practice:

  • Rinse your mouth out with water to loosen food particles.
  • Rinse your toothbrush with hot water to clean it.
  • Put your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.
  • Gently move your toothbrush back and forth over the surface of your teeth. Be sure to thoroughly clean between the brace wiring and your teeth. You should also brush the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth like this for two to three minutes.
  • Brush your tongue to remove any remaining bacteria. This tip is also great for keeping your breath fresh!

If you have any questions about brushing your teeth, our experts at Splash Orthodontics would be more than happy to provide advice.

2. Floss Your Teeth Daily

Dental floss

In addition to brushing your teeth thoroughly every day, it is important you also floss daily – particularly when you wear braces! Flossing is a crucial step to maintaining oral health and keeping teeth healthy. Flossing when you wear braces is just the same as flossing without. The only difference is that you must floss under the archwire between the teeth. If using strips of floss is too tricky, you can buy specially-made flossing instruments designed specifically for people with braces.

Top tip: we recommend that it’s best to floss at the end of the day. This way, you won’t miss any food particles that have become trapped in your teeth.

3. Avoid Whitening Products when You Have Braces

Teeth whitening products

When you’re wearing braces, it is important to avoid using whitening products. This means you should not use whitening mouthwash or toothpaste. The reason we advise against teeth whitening products while wearing braces is that they only work on the place they tough, meaning that you’ll have uneven tooth colouring when you get your braces removed.

To avoid uneven tooth colouring, stay away from whitening products until your braces have been removed.

4. Use the Right Toothbrush


Brushing your teeth when you have braces is made significantly easier when you’re wearing the right toothbrush. When you wear braces, you want to use a soft-bristled toothbrush. This will help prevent any gum damage or wear on your teeth, keeping them healthy throughout the duration of your brace journey.

Top tip: also ensure your toothbrush is in good condition. Click here to find out how often you should change your toothbrush.

5. Use Mouthwash to Improve Oral health


Mouthwash is one of the best ways to ensure your mouth is completely clean after you’ve brushed your teeth. Mouthwash gets into the parts of your mouth that may have been missed when brushing your teeth. Mouthwash will also help keep your breath fresh, reduce inflammation of your gums, prevent infection, and help the mouth heal faster.

All you have to do is, after you’ve brushed your teeth, rinse your mouth out with two teaspoons of Peroxyl for one minute and then spit it out. You can use mouthwash up to four times a day (or as frequently as the guidelines suggest). We recommend using mouthwash after every time you brush.

6. Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride toothpastes are the best when it comes to strengthening tooth enamel. They help prevent damage to your teeth and also protect against tooth decay. This is particularly important when you wear braces as your teeth are more susceptible to damage or general wear and tear.

7. Avoid Over-Brushing Your Teeth

Old, Squashed toothbrush bristles

Brushing your teeth regularly is important for maintaining oral health. However, over-brushing or brushing your teeth too much can cause abrasion, leading to tooth sensitivity and receding gums. Over-brushing your teeth can wear down enamel over time, making your teeth more susceptible to damage. So, we would recommend that you only brush your teeth twice a day. When it comes to maintaining good oral health, regular teeth brushing is important but there is no need to brush your teeth more than twice a day.

You must also consider how hard you brush your teeth. It can be easy to brush your teeth too vigorously, causing abrasion and damage. An easy way to tell if you’re brushing your teeth too hard is if you are squashing the bristles on your toothbrush.

Top tip: purchase an electric toothbrush with a sensitivity feature. Some electric toothbrushes flash when you’re brushing your teeth too hard, making you aware so that you can make changes.

8. Book Regular Dental Check-Ups

Dental check-up

If you want to keep your teeth healthy while you’re wearing braces, as well as effectively brushing and flossing, it is important to book regular dental check-ups. At Splash Orthodontics, we are specialists in dental care and hygiene. What’s more, we are experts in brace maintenance, care, and cleaning. So, we will be able to thoroughly check your oral health, brace status, and cleaning efforts.

Schedule regular appointments with your orthodontist to ensure your teeth are kept clean and healthy if you wear braces. Regular check-ups are also a great opportunity to ensure your teeth are being kept clean in the way that they should be. Our amazing orthodontic team can help you achieve a smile you can be proud of.

If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Properly

Taking the time to brush around your braces and your teeth is essential for avoiding any serious dental problems. If you don’t brush your teeth with braces properly, you could experience problems such as inflamed gums, tooth decay, plaque build-up, tooth discolouration, and infected gum tissue. We don’t want you to experience any of these unpleasant problems, so we’ve put together expert advice on how to keep your mouth healthy for the duration of your brace journey.

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