Can you eat chocolate with braces?

Eggcellent news, you can absolutely eat chocolate while wearing braces. There are a few foods you should avoid if you’re wearing fixed braces, but thankfully Easter eggs are okay (with a few provisos).

Easter dos

    • Enjoy your Easter eggs at mealtimes, so you’re not grazing on chocolate throughout the day. This will help to limit your teeth’s exposure to sugar.
    • Drink lots of water afterwards to help rinse away the chocolate and sugar.
    • Brush your teeth, but not straight away. Tooth enamel is softened by sugary foods, so give your mouth at least 30 minutes to recover.
    • If you’re wearing Invisalign (pictured below), make sure your teeth are free from chocolate before you pop your aligners back in.

    • If you can, opt for dark chocolate, which contains less sugar and more cocoa than milk and white chocolate.
    • Brush your teeth using a toothpaste that contains fluoride and floss every day.
    • Use an interdental brush to clean between your brackets and underneath your archwire.

    Easter don’ts

    • Don’t bite into thick pieces of chocolate straight from the fridge, this could knock a bracket off or bend a wire.
    • If you receive several eggs (congratulations), resist the urge to eat them all this weekend.
    • If your egg comes with sticky, hard or chewy sweets like toffees, pass them on to a lucky friend or family member.
    • Avoid fizzy drinks, which can be very acidic and damaging to teeth.

    Happy Easter from everyone at Splash Orthodontics.

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