Braces before baby teeth?

Understanding braces and baby teeth

It’s important that all children should visit and orthodontist before they reach the age of 10. While it is unlikely that children will require braces at this age, and orthodontist will be able to identify any issues that may develop in the future, such as an uneven bite correction.

Your child may not require any orthodontic treatment, but it’s advised they visit for a check-up to ensure their oral health is developing in the correct way.

Correcting problems early on

It’s unlikely that your child will need orthodontic intervention before the age of eight. However, in the same way that visiting the dentist early on is important to identify any future issues, the same principle applies to visiting an orthodontist. Between the ages of 8 – 12 children’s adult teeth will begin to push through and this is where any noticeable problems may be identified.

Identifying jaw bone problems

An orthodontist will be able to identify any underlying issues regarding our child’s jaw bone structure and growth. For example, some children may see their lower jaw growing at a faster rate than their upper jaw (underbite). This is something an orthodontist will be able to identify and administer appropriate treatment.

Correctly aligning the jaw bones means there will be less movement of the teeth, leading to a shorter treatment time. By balancing the jaw bone, it lessens the chance of relapse further down the line – relapse is when the teeth revert back into their previous position as you age.

Going for a checkup early is strongly advised to assess the condition and future growth of your child’s mouth. Doing this saves money and the need for future orthodontist intervention which could have otherwise been rectified or avoided altogether.

Visit your orthodontist as early as possible, we recommend between the ages of 8 – 12.

Are there alternatives to child braces?

There are appliances that can help with correcting bite and jaw bone structure for children. One of these is the Myobrace System. This system has been designed to promote healthy oral development before braces even become a thought.

Similar to Invisalign, MyoBrace involves a series of intraoral appliances that are worn for two hours a day and when sleeping. Children from ages 3 – 15 can benefit from this non-invasive treatment.

The treatment involves wearing a series of removable intraoral appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours a day and while you sleep. This type of treatment is primarily suited to children aged from 3 to 15.

The best age for child braces?

Strictly speaking, there is no ‘best age’ for your child to have braces – they made not even require orthodontic intervention. However, children can benefit from visiting an orthodontist between 8 and 12 years of age. The head and mouth are still growing at this age, leaving enough time for any teeth straightening practices to be performed if required.

Affording braces

Splash Orthodontics provides all patients with financing options and a free consultation to identify any underlying oral health issues. We also offer a 0% interest rate on all braces and flexible payment plans, from 12 months to 36 month options.

Our prices are fully inclusive of active treatment and a further 12 months post-treatment (for follow-ups and progress reporting). No treatment plan is ever the same, so booking your free consultation is essential to provide and accurate quote and treatment plan.

Benefits include:

  • Early treatment is advised before problems worsen and become more invasive and expensive.
  • Treatment cost is flexible and can be spread across 36 months at 0% interest.
  • Our 0% interest and low cost payment plans are a more viable alternative to loans or credit cards.
  • Direct debit repayments are made simple with us.
  • All financing options are provided by leading credit suppliers and are subject to status.

We make sure that our payment plans are designed to ensure everyone is able to secure orthodontic treatment at affordable prices.

More information on our treatment costs can be found on our Cost and Finance page.

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