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, age 16

‘Before I got braces I was very insecure to smile. The overbite on my teeth caused me to look incredibly goofy. So I couldn’t wait for something to be finally done! Getting my braces on at first felt strange and very painful but, the pain gets easier… having braces wasn’t as bad as everyone made them out to be.

The favourite part of my treatment was getting my braces off. I had such amazing people help me through those two years, then it finally came to the day I was having them off. Not only was it the day of my Year 11 Prom, I had taken an apple with me to the clinic to sink my teeth into, at long last.

The difference in my teeth is outstanding, I can’t stop smiling and I’m not embarrassed to show my teeth anymore. It has given my confidence the boost it needed, and still after four months I love my teeth. I would whole heartedly recommend getting braces even though it hurts, and may take a while, it honestly can change your whole world and I am so lucky to have had them.

A massive thank you to the people who made my dream become a reality.’


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