How much do braces cost?

How much do braces cost?How Much Do Braces Cost?

Here at Splash Orthodontics, we’re the leading pioneers in transforming appearance and boosting the self-esteem of every patient who walks through our doors. We use only the most advanced and trusted technology, including the world-renown Invisalign treatment.

The price of braces depends on a variety of factors (explained below) but here is a simplistic breakdown of costs:

  • Metal Braces (most common) – £2,300–£5,300
  • Ceramic Braces – £3,000–£6,000
  • Lingual Braces – £6,000–£7,000
  • Invisalign – £3,000–£5,700

Like with any other practice, prices depend on a number of factors, most specifically where you live. Orthodontists based in rural areas are often less expensive than ones based in larger cities or capitals – the reason for higher pricing is usually due to user experience, reputation of the clinic and skill of the orthodontist.

Paying for Braces

There are a number of considerations to take onboard when deciding whether you require braces.

First, it would be wise to check if you have health or dental insurance, as most health plans will not cover orthodontic treatments for people over 18 (some do cover children under the age of 18). If you’re not covered, you can opt for supplemental orthodontic insurance. It’s also strongly advised that you keep the same insurance plan throughout your treatment, as many insurance companies will not cover braces that have already been applied to the teeth. This is considered a pre-existing condition.

Does My Insurance Cover Braces?

Your insurance should cover the cost and fitting of your braces only if they’re considered medically necessary, i.e., you’re not buying them to improve the aestheticism of your teeth, but for essential health benefits. If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the costs, you can find more information here.

Payment Plans for Braces

This depends entirely on the clinic/dental practice where you’re having your braces fitted. Many offices do offer payment plans but these are subject to medical checks and other factors.

Cheaper Alternatives for Braces

Universities usually offer cheaper dental care simply due to the fact that apprentices are the ones that provide the service. Obviously, these apprentices are fully supervised by an experienced orthodontist, the only difference is you’ll be worked on by a lesser experienced orthodontist, at a greatly lowered cost.

The Cost of Braces Abroad

As with any surgery or medical practice abroad, it is vital that you do your research before committing to anything, as you may find that practices abroad do not offer the same level of aftercare or expertise the UK does. Here are some important factors to consider:

Travel Costs

Reputation of the clinic (recognised by a respectable institution, eg: National Health Service)
Consultation fees (if any)


You may also want to strongly consider if the potential savings are worth it. Travel costs, hotels and holiday packages may seem like nice additions, but they’re usually used as bait to lure you to cheaper and sometimes less trustworthy clinics and/or dental practitioners.

Further Information

It’s important to understand that the cost of braces can vary depending on numerous factors and your decision to have braces is one that requires thought and consideration. If you require further information on the cost of braces, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, or call us on 01273 203514. Our friendly staff are always on hand to deliver expert advice.

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