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Why choose an orthodontist?

Choosing the right expert care for your teeth

Most of us, at some stage in our lives, will have visited the dentist – and ideally, still do. Regular dental check-ups are essential for the health and wellbeing of our teeth. Dentists check for cavities, plaque build, signs of gum disease and will advise you on proper oral health care.

However, not all of us will have visited an orthodontist, and some may not be aware of the role they play in our oral hygiene.

Here are five reasons why you should visit the orthodontist.

1. Orthodontists are experts at straightening teeth

Straight teeth not only look good, they’re beneficial for our health too. Incorrectly aligned teeth can affect the way we eat, which in turn can affect our body’s ability to digest food properly. An orthodontist is trained in specific methods designed to straighten teeth.

2. Orthodontists look at your overall facial profile

The study of orthodontics goes beyond simply fixing teeth. It is primarily concerned with the overall alignment of a patient’s jaw. When you visit the orthodontist, he or she will most likely take photographs and x-rays of your mouth. This helps the orthodontist to analyse any irregularities and to develop a treatment plan which will bring your teeth and jaws into alignment with your overall facial profile.

3. Orthodontist are trained to fit orthodontic appliances

If you suffer from an orthodontic problem, such as crowded teeth or an overbite, you need to see an orthodontist. Orthodontists are trained to fit orthodontic appliances, such as braces and aligners, which are used to correct these problems. Although some dentists may offer these services, orthodontists have an additional three years of specialist postgraduate education in this field (in addition to the five-year undergraduate degree which dentists have), and when it comes to the state of your teeth, we recommend you go to the experts.

4. Orthodontists are committed to ongoing training

Ongoing professional development is a priority for orthodontists, particularly those belonging to The Invisible Orthodontist network. This means that as a patient, you are receiving the very best and the very latest care and treatment in the field of orthodontics, which in turn gets great results.

5. Orthodontists ensure their results last

There are several stages to orthodontic treatment. To begin with, an orthodontist will recommend the best type of appliance they believe you can benefit from. That appliance will then be fitted and worn until your teeth have moved into the correct position. Once the appliance has been removed, it is time for the retainer phase, which helps ensure your teeth stay in place. Orthodontists care for patients throughout these three key phases of treatment, as each is an essential step in correcting and straightening teeth.

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